Why Exadata skills is great for Oracle DBA

Why Exadata skills is great for Oracle DBA

Traditional Oracle DBA  has to play the role of database machine administrator (DMA), essentially a database administrator with a few additional skills.

Skills necessary for a DMA as follows:

  • System administration: 10%
  • Storage administration: 0%
  • Network administration: 5%
  • Database administration: 60%
  • Cell administration: 25%

Storage administration is irrelevant because Exadata does not require traditional storage commands. Storage is Exadata-specific and does not rely on the existing skills of a traditional storage administrator. Linux skills required are not typical Linux administration and require only a smaller set of skills to manage Exadata.

DBA traditionally knows Linux commands, To manage Exadata, DMAs need to know storage commands like the CellCLI command line interface, database nodes commands like ASM commands SQL*Plus, standard database commands.

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