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Cognos Online Training  course is designed  by  IT Professionals and specialists. Cognos software enables organizations to become top-performing and analytics-driven entities. From business intelligence to financial performance and strategy management, Cognos software is designed to help everyone in your organization make the decisions that achieve better business outcomes—today and in the future. Flexible deployment options, either on cloud or on premises, enables you to easily scale your analytics to meet changing business needs. Our trainers are experienced and certified and they will share their experience, tips and tricks in the Cognos Training course.  Cognos online training is offered to consultants, companies so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies.

Highlights of Cognos Online training:-

* Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Cognos Online Trainings.

* We provide Case studies for Cognos Online Training.

* We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts.

* We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

* We provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for Cognos Online Training.

* We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.


Cognos Training Course Content


Overview Of Cognos Online Training

Cognos Administration

  • Introduction to IBM Cognos 8 BI Administration
  • Manage Scheduled Activities (Past, Present and Future)
  • Manage Content in IBM Cognos Administration
  • Manage content in IBM Cognos Connection
  • Create and Manage Drill through Definitions
  • How to connect to different Data Sources
  • How to provide security to the Package
  • Import and Export of Package (Deployment)
  • Report migration from one version to Other Version (Eg 8.4 to 10.1)
  • Security Maintenance by using Groups, Roles and Capabilities.
  • Creating Port let Page,URL,Multipage Dashboards
  • End-to-end Workshops

Framework Manager

  • About Framework Manager
  • Creation of Interface and Usage
  • Creating Model & Namespace (Layers)
  • Importing Metadata
  • Creating Query Subjects & Query Items
  • Merging Query Subjects
  • Creating Relationships & Setting Cardinalities
  • Creating Parameter Maps & Macros
  • Usage of Session Parameters
  • Creation of Model Filters, Prompts & Calculations
  • Creating Package & Security Settings
  • Creating Multidimensional Package
  • Multi-developer environment (Segmenting and linking& Branching and Merging)
  • Synchronize Projects
  • Framework Manager Repository Control
  • Add Business Rules and Set Governors
  • Publishing Package
  • Performance Improvement Tips
  • Creation of Multilingual Metadata
  • Cognos 10 New Features in Framework manager:
  • Model Design Accelerator

Query Studio:

  • Business Authoring with Cognos Query Studio
  • Create ad hoc reports in Query Studio
  • Add data to existing ad hoc reports
  • Customize ad hoc reports
  • View ad hoc reports in different formats
  • Create ad hoc reports with filters and calculations
  • Create ad hoc charts and crosstabs
  • Create ad hoc exception reports
  • Define custom groups

Report Studio:

  • Type of Report Templates
  • Creating list, Cross Tab, Chart, repeater, Maps & Other Reports
  • Report templates, formatting Reports – fonts, style, header, footer, boarder…etc
  • Generating and Creating Prompt Page
  • Types of Prompts
  • Query Calculations & Layout Calculations
  • Filters and Dynamic Filters
  • Conditional Block
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Master Details
  • Cascading Prompt
  • HTML Items & Hyperlinks
  • Setting Burst Options
  • Drill through
  • Drill up &  Drill down
  • Setting Variables
  • Report Functions
  • Report Validation
  • Reports Run with Options

Analysis Studio:

  • About Analysis Studio
  • Insert Data
  • Explore Data
  • Types of Reports
  • Drill up & Drill down for Detail
  • Bookmark creation
  • Charts and Cross tab Analysis
  • Suppression Concepts
  • Custom Groups

Event Studio:

  • Create agents
  • Use parameters and calculations
  • Add tasks (email, report, database update, agent)
  • Manage task execution rules
  • Reset the event list
  • Run an agent
  • Schedule an agent
  • Cognos 10 New tasks: Approval, Notification tasks


  • Discuss the basics of OLAP analysis
  • Review Transformer capabilities and its role in IBM Cognos 10 BI
  • Discuss Transformer components
  • Define categories and members
  • Using multiple Data sources in Transformer
  • Define the regular,Time,Measure dimensions
  • Cration of Signons
  • Building the Powercubes
  • Creation special,Manual categories
  • Defining security by using custom views
  • Drill thru creation
  • Time based partition cubes

Cognos 10 New features:

1)Active Reports:

  • Discuss the value of Active Reports
  • Examine an Active Report and its controls
  • Convert an existing report to an Active Report
  • Debug and save an Active Report
  • Use filter and select in Active Reports
  • Examine decks and cards
  • Use advanced features with Active Reports

2) Business In sight:

  • Self-service Authoring with Cognos 10 Business Insight
  • Introduction to Business Insight
  • Sorting output
  • Suppress and filter data
  • Control display properties
  • Add formatting
  • Add basic calculations

3) Business Insight Advance:

  • Extend your analysis with Advanced Business Insight functionality:
  • Apply conditional styles
  • Create advanced set definitions
  • Add advanced calculations
  • Group and sort data
  • Create advanced filter definition
  • Extend reports with external data


Personalize cognos connection Create and manage portals, shortcuts, report views..etc Working with Cognos configuration, content Store How to Connect to different Data Sources Security setup Import and Export of Package (Deployment) Running the Report Burn Scheduling Reports.


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